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Rumo’s purpose is to reshape Brazilian logistics, therefore, we continue on a consistent path of geographic expansion, covering 80% of the country’s exporting regions, which means that we connect the main producing regions to ports and significantly contribute to an increase in Brazil’s share of the global trade of grains, which has now reached approximately 40%. We also bring development to places distant from major economic and industrial hubs in the country, we continue to renew our operations with a strong focus on safety, and our people – core values of our company.

This Report evidences the results achieved in 2019, and we reinforce our eye to the future – an expression of growth strategy and business perpetuity, grounded on clear values and commitment, with a critical eye on the impacts we generate around our operations.

Within this context, in 2019, we listened to our main stakeholders and turned their feedback about this publication into opportunities to better develop it. The main novelty this year is the disclosure of nine commitments to sustainable development, in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN), including three long-term goals related to emissions, safety, and employee satisfaction.

I am certain that we are writing our story as one of Brazil’s major logistics companies, guided by the principles of efficiency, cost optimization, optimal service quality and concern for the environment and society. We bring job opportunities and social initiatives to local communities and hope to work even closer to them. We also want to be a place where people feel happy to work and find opportunities to develop and grow. We provide an inclusive environment that promotes teamwork to achieve greater results, which we did during the Covid-19 pandemic, quickly taking safety measures for our employees and continuing to work.

We are resilient, and our focus is to keep the country in motion even during challenging times, because we believe in our people, our industry, and above all, we believe in Brazil.

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Our 9 Commitments to Sustainable Development

Taking another step forward in transparency, for the first time ever we are disclosing our nine commitments to sustainable development, which are correlated to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We are always guided by solid values, and we take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to the development of a more ethical, equal and eco-friendly society, aware and proud of our leading role in the industry in which we operate.

Committed to Sustainability

In keeping with our principles of transparency and accountability, we are disclosing this Sustainability Report to employees, partners, clients, investors and other stakeholders for the fourth consecutive year. This document presents to all stakeholders the achievements and challenges we faced in 2019. 102-40 | 102-52

We also seek to evidence our contributions to Brazil’s development, in the economic, social and environmental pillars, as we are the protagonists in the sustainable development of the industry in which we operate.

As in the last three years, this report was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, under the Core option. 102-50 | 102-52 | 102-54

Approach to COVID-19 crisis

In light of the unprecedented spread of COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a pandemic on March 11, 2020. Emphasizing our commitment to the country’s development and public health and safety, we have adopted measures to prevent contagion and promoted actions to help public agencies restore Brazil’s socioeconomic wellbeing.

We requested that the health departments in the municipalities of our concession areas provide a list of what they deemed essential to fight the pandemic. We subsequently arranged for the purchase and delivery of several materials, such as equipment for Intensive Care Units (ICU) and emergency rooms, hand sanitizer, towels, blankets, sheets, cleaning products, and food.

Together with our controlling shareholder Cosan, we became pioneers in taking the public commitment not to lay off employees at this moment. We implemented a home office regime for employees in administrative departments and adjusted our facilities and processes to guarantee the physical and psychological health of personnel who need to be in the field. Furthermore, all employees in the risk group for COVID-19 were instructed to adopt specific isolation, care, and monitoring measures.

At the Center for Operational Control (COC), which operates 24/7, a special plan to resume activities and use equipment was put into place: information sharing between shifts is now transmitted via video or virtual file to avoid personal contact; and common areas were modified to enable workers to maintain a safe distance from one another.

At our main transshipment terminal in Rondonópolis (State of Mato Grosso), a special service facility was assembled to serve truck drivers on a 24/7 basis. Nurse technicians perform a temperature screening of truck drivers at Rondopátio’s access point and provide them with masks and medical instructions. A special unloading queue was also created, where permanence is limited to the minimum required for emergencies. The same measures were implemented at the Port of Santos, also in collaboration with other terminals, Rumo donated hand sanitizer and jointly adopted measures to ensure the health and safety of employees.

We are also regularly testing our employees and anyone involved in our operations, making it easier to track and reduce contagion levels.

We thank our employees and partners who help keep Brazil in motion.

To know more about our initiatives, access the full version of our Sustainability Report.

Click here to download our Sustainability report for 2019
Last updated on July 24, 2020