Curitiba, Brazil, August 09, 2007 – América Latina Logística S.A.1 – ALL (Bovespa: ALLL11)2, Latin America’s largest independent logistics company, announces its results for the second quarter and first half of 2007 (2Q07 and 1H07). ALL - taking into account assets of Brasil Ferrovias and Novoeste Brasil acquired by ALL in May of 2006 - operates 1,000 locomotives, 29,700 rail cars, 1,200 highway vehicles, distribution centers and warehousing installations. ALL’s rail network serves an area that accounted for approximately 75% of Mercosur’s GDP. The Company serves seven of the most active ports in Brazil and Argentina through which approximately 78% of all South America’s grain exports are shipped annually. We operate in Brazil and Argentina offering a full range of logistics services, including rail transportation, domestic and international intermodal door-to-door transportation, dedicated fleet services and warehousing. The services are provided by three business units: agricultural commodities, industrial products and highway services. Comparisons included in this report, unless otherwise stated, refer to the same period of 2006. Financial and operational information, unless otherwise stated, are presented in nominal Reais pursuant to Brazilian Corporate Law. Consolidated results, unless otherwise stated, excludes the results of Santa Fé Vagões (40% owned by ALL). Numbers in 2Q06 and 1H06, unless otherwise stated, are presented in a pro-forma basis combining ALL, Brasil Ferrovias and Novoeste Brasil as if the acquisition of Brasil Ferrovias and Novoeste Brasil - that was completed in May of 2006 - were already in effect in January 1st, 2006.

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March 02, 2007
11:00 a.m. US EST

Consolidated1 EBITDAR increased 38.1% from R$226.4 million in 2Q06 to R$312.7 million in 2Q07 and consolidated1 EBITDAR margin improved 14 percentage points from 40.5% to 54.6%. Year-over-year EBITDAR growth was mainly driven by lower fixed and variable costs and higher volume of return cargo. EBITDAR increased 41.4% in agricultural commodities, 54.5% in industrial products, and 74.3% in highway services. Net income significantly improved in the period, from a loss of R$2.4 million in 2Q06 to an income of R$51.8 million in 2Q07. In 1H07, consolidated1 EBITDAR increased 46.1%, reaching R$508.0 million, EBITDAR margin improved 15.6 percentage points to 50.8% and net income reached R$35.7 million compared to a net loss of R$90.5 million in 1H06.

August 13, 2007
11:00 a.m. US EDT

ALL Brasil rail volumes increased 8.9% from 6,929 million RTK in 2Q06 to 7,547 million RTK in 2Q07 speeding up the year-over-year growth process. Volume growth was mainly driven by a 12.3% increase in industrial flows, due to growth in pure rail segments, wood products and containers. Agricultural commodities volumes increased 7.6% over 2Q06, reflecting operational improvement in the northern network. In 1H07, volume increased 6.0% from 12,757 million RTK in 1H06 to 13,516 million RTK.

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Enhancement process in the northern network continues to show significant improvements in safety and asset reliability. Number of accidents per million train kilometer in the northern network decreased from 64 in 1Q07 to 45 in 2Q07, and average distance between failures of locomotives increased 55.2% from 6,765 km to 10,498 km.

August 15, 2007
11:00 a.m. (Brasília)
WTC Hotel
São Paulo - SP

ALL Argentina had a weak quarter impacted by the overall inflationary environment and the energy shortages in the country. Cold weather boosted residential demand for natural gas and electricity prompting the Argentine Government to restrict supplies to industrial sectors. The shortage negatively impacted our client’s volume and limited operating hours on the ports we serve, increasing our transit times. As a result, volume decreased 1.1% in the 2Q07 and 0.6% in the 1H07. Salary increases driven by difficult overall inflationary environment increased our cost base in ALL Argentina.

On May, 9th 2006, ALL acquired all of the shares of Brasil Ferrovias and Novoeste Brasil. For comparison purposes 2Q07 and 1H07 results will be compared with 2006 Pro-forma Results including Brasil Ferrovias and Novoeste as if the acquisition were already in effect since January 1st 2006.

Preferred shares (ALLL4) and common shares (ALLL3) are also listed at BOVESPA but with no significant liquidity

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